Young Living Biz Builder docs

Young Living Biz Builder docs

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Ready to learn how to welcome your new Young Living members?
Curious how to build your Young Living organization?

Young Living members, download this set of documents for free (find the companion video here).

If you are not a Young Living member yet, please enroll by clicking here.
• How to Share YL from the Zing Living book with author, Heather Kamala
• Welcoming Made Simple for your new members
• Monthly follow up recommendations (plan your year)
• Star to Executive, building your legs
• Recommended reading and trainings
• Simple practices for a positive outlook (mindful living)

This series is totally FREE and will set you on your path to wealth freedom!

What is Zing Living?
It is a movement based on the book, Zing Living, with 4 pillars of health:

• Mind-Body Health
• Yoga and Mindfulness
• Young Living Essential Oils
• Action towards Daily Growth

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