Your Manual for Life... the Zing Living book

I am thrilled to be publishing this little book outlining what has worked for me in creating my dream life. After 20 years of growing my preschool, two other successful global businesses, and a happy, healthy life, at 52 years young, I am honored to present to the world: Zing Living. Get it free here.

excerpt from book:

“Welcome to your future, starting right now.  

In all of your divine self, you have been guided to this book, this moment.  Zing Living is spiraling up from a need for deeper connections to health and nature, to the healing qualities of yoga and the powerhouse support of Young Living essential oils.  If you are ready to take action in your life, to uplift your level of health and wealth, then let Zing Living be your guiding force.  

Join the Movement!  We have lots of products, classes and guidance to get you on your path to health and wealth success.  The truth: when you succeed, the whole world becomes a better place.  Let's do this!

In this book, I’m going to walk you through how to create the life you most desire.  This is what has worked for me, over time, with consistency, kindness, patience and integrity.  Creation of your dream life is closer than you think.  What does the life of your dreams look like?  Is it ultimate health including a rockin’ yoga practice no matter your age?  Is it building wealth for yourself and others to bring goodness and compassion into the world?  Is it bringing yourself to your peak of health?  Whatever it be, let this book guide you step-by-step towards your goals.  As in life, there are no guarantees, but here, we are going to begin the positive practice of service towards ourselves and others.  

‘Self Love First’ means, we are not only fully responsible for our own well being, but when we look into the mirror, there is a profound love of what we see (the whole package).  I have learned from my teachers that we are not the ego, we hold the space where greatness can happen.  My dearest desire is that this book will inspire you to find the self of your dreams and run with it for the good of the whole, continually taking actions throughout your life in an ongoing spiral upward.

In my KiDo Kids Yoga trainings, I say, “We Lead by Example”, meaning we study in depth that which we want to teach.  On the certificates we honor our KiDo Kids Yoga graduates with, we quote my brother, Duncan, saying, “Show up.  Keep showing up.  Find a teacher who inspires you.  Drink deeply from that well.

Would you believe that all the worldly glory begins with

turning the focus inward to Loving Yourself Deeply? 

I’m going to cover the four pillars that can blast your world wide open, wake you up, and inspire movement:  

• Health

• Yoga

• Young Living Essential Oils

• Action

Each of these individually can have profound, life changing effects on you and your communities, and all four together are ridiculously powerful.  

Some examples of these four pillars:

• Mind health, as in letting go of the weight of the past and moving forward with lightness and velocity

• Body health, as in creating new habits of healthy eating, drinking and thinking

• A daily yoga practice, incorporating breath, movement and stillness

• Essential oils support from the first and best in the world: Young Living

• Action towards growth, and daily habits of positive movement forward

How fierce are you with your word?  In keeping your word.  As in, "a warrior of following through with what you have promised, no matter how small or large”.  

It turns out that a powerful life is cultivated through keeping promises to ourselves and others.  It's never too late to implement the changes to transform your habits and lifestyle.  This book is your key to that transformation.  One baby step at a time towards health and wealth.  Consistent actions (no matter how boring) towards your goals over time are the key to creating the life of your dreams.  


Heather Wong-Xoquic