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What is Zing Living? Building from a powerful base of four pillars, we teach about the healing qualities of yoga and the powerhouse support of Young Living essential oils. We are Love Warriors and Guardians of Nature. Are you ready to reach up to your highest potential? Learn how to take the actions that will propel your health and wealth in a crazy, mad spiral upward. Let Zing Living be your guiding force. Join the Movement!

To support the HEALTH and WEALTH needs of every community, Heather Kamala wrote the Zing Living book based on her life and business successes where she shares the keys, or four pillars, of a Zing Living lifestyle. To touch as many lives as possible, we are GIFTING the book to you in a digital form here when you opt in to our email newsletter.

The four pillars of a Zing Living lifestyle as outlined in our FREE book

• mind-body health      

• daily yoga practice      

• essential oils support      

• action towards growth

Read our Zing Living book  for a basic understanding of our movement and watch our YouTube channel filled with yoga from our mother system: Yogic Arts for teens and adults and our kid's yoga division: KiDo Kids Yoga for children.  You'll also find inspirational health coaching to uplift mind and body with whole foods, Young Living essential oils, recipes and more.

Purchase Young Living essential oils for personal use and business opportunities.  After your purchase of the Premium Starter Kit of essential oils (wholesale option), we will contact you via email with a welcome letter of instruction.  We will walk you through a full education of how to use your oils for personal use and then some!    We offer a full program of online classes and digital products to start your home business with Zing Living style.  Yes, our YouTube channel with queen oiler, Heather Kamala, is awesome, but wait until you get those essential oils on and in you (rub, drink*, repeat).

*Vitality essential oils are labeled for consumption and approved by the FDA (US).