Heather Kamala, creator of KiDo Kids Yoga and Zing Living

A rich family background of artists, actors and musicians play a big role in the creation of her stories, art and healthy lifestyle. Steeped in yoga as children, she and her brother, Duncan Wong, went on to become master yoga teachers. Duncan trained Madonna, Sting and 1000s of students through his blend of yoga and martial arts called, Yogic Arts. Heather created KiDo Kids Yoga in 2006, the kid’s division of Yogic Arts, touring the world and training top yoga teachers from Tokyo to Paris and Miami to Mexico. Heather has inspired and certified 100s of people to play yoga with children using her ‘6 Points’ flow of high and low energy. As Madonna said, “I love Duncan’s wild style of yoga!” KiDo Kids Yoga brings this wild style mixed with YogaRhymes.

Heather and Duncan’s mother, Carol Ma, exquisite baker and artist, raised them in a home and garden filled with natural health and old timey goodness. Discovering the Young living essential oils company in 2009, Heather fell in love with the therapeutic grade essential oils and the old school business ethics of the founders, Gary and Mary Young. She found a match made in heaven: yoga and essential oils supporting all the body systems, plus divine aromas.

Their father, famous Asian-American actor, Victor Wong (Big Trouble in Little China, the Last Emperor, etc), raised Heather and Duncan with a creative flair. Puppet shows, home made dolls and lots of art projects influenced Heather to always allow her imagination to flow.

As a Mother, storyteller, yogi, clown, dancer, clothing designer and artist, Heather has found, “preschool curriculum to be an exceptional outlet with beautiful benefits to children”.